The Rescue 3 Europe boat scheme consists of the following courses:

The SFRBO course is replacing the former Swiftwater Rescue Boat Operator (SRBO) course. The SRBO skill sheet will no longer be available from January 2014. The price of course packs to training providers is the same for both SFRBO and SRBO.

The course lengths are as follows:

The above courses can also be offered modularly, eg 2-days of RBO, 1-day of FRBO, and 3-day SFRBO.

When delivering the FRBO syllabus it should be remembered that this is a one day addition to what has historically been offered as the SRBO syllabus. It is not possible or appropriate to try to squeeze this extra day of flood-specific techniques into an existing and already full SRBO syllabus.

Students who have existing SRBO qualifications can attend a recert that has an additional day of flood elements. This will recertify them with an SFRBO qualification.

For the avoidance of all doubt: flood elements should only be taught on FRBO and SFRBO courses. They shouldn't be taught on SRBO (or RBO) courses.

Please direct any queries to the Rescue 3 Europe office.