The following companies and organisations sponsored the 2021 Rescue 3 Europe online conference and instructor updates.

Organisations that wish to discuss sponsorship packages and opportunities should contact Rescue 3 Europe.

Palm Equipment


Trusted and used worldwide by organizations such as R3, the DLRG and Shenzen fire dept Palm Equipment is the industry standard for water rescue gear.

Making rescue PFDs since the early 90s, the Rescue 850 is the current benchmark by which all other rescue PFDs are judged. Alongside a comprehensive range of throwlines, helmets and drysuits, Palm designs are informed by rescue professionals who are out on the water every day.

Made to exacting standards in our own Vietnam factory; Palm ensures consistent high quality delivered by a committed team of staff; backed up with efficient customer service support and documentation.

Launching the Rescue Extrem and Universal PFD featuring the UCLan harness in 2019, Palm yet again made another breakthrough in water rescue safety.
It’s not just our business, good gear saves lives.


t +44 (0) 1275 798 100

e sales@palmequipmenteurope.com

Rescue Tools


Rescuetools is a webshop of R3B Trading B.V.

In 2014, R3B Trading and R3B Solutions are born as 2 separate industries from Rescue 3 Benelux; specialist in providing training in safety and rescue.

After years of providing training, more and more customers requested to provide equipment. Most products are tested thoroughly in past few years by the activities and courses we run. Many customers have difficulty finding the right suppliers or face with an agent who does not know all the details, or are faced with a vendor who only promotes products / brands with the largest margin instead of listening to the customer needs and find an appropriate solution, as you’d expect.

Because of the long experience of Rescue 3 Benelux and the many national and international relations with suppliers, it was a logical step for Rescue 3 Benelux to meet the growing demand for advice, equipment and supply of complete packages.

In this way we can assist customers in a complete way.

We have contacts with almost all suppliers and brands. If customers are interested in products, that are not yet available, we’ll get them from abroad if necessary.

We also advise a number of manufacturers in the development and improvement of their product.

t 0031(0)76-766 00 25

e info@rescuetools.eu



Founded in 1981 as Moorhouse Engineering in Bethesda, soon to become DMM and move to more suitable premises in Llanberis in 1986, the company celebrated 30 years of manufacturing in 2011. In 1981 the company employed just four people, and now almost forty years later we are an important employer in this area with just over 200 men and women on payroll.

The original premise of the founding directors was to make the best possible equipment at the best price. A simple premise you might think, but one that has remained central to our thinking over the intervening years, and one that has spurred us on to continue to develop and innovate, to bring unique and world leading products to the market.

From the very outset the company has developed products in two main areas; recreational climbing and mountaineering has developed alongside products aimed more at the more industrial markets. Both areas compliment each other and the areas of overlap benefit both sides. In short both sides of the business are important to sustain us in the future.

Innovation is key to our development, and we have continually invested not just in the fabric of the Factory, in plant, machinery, tooling etc but also in ambitious product development plans which can be very costly. However we recognise that it’s not sufficient to stand still and copy, we need to lead the field in our specialist areas and over the years we have done just that and all from our base here in north Wales. We have a well trained and loyal workforce and have amassed a wealth of knowledge over the years which stands us in good stead as one of the leading brands in our field worldwide.

We have just added a large extension to the Factory site to allow us to lay out a purpose built Assembly area and also a CNC machining area. This was a considerable investment for the company, but as with all our other efforts, it will enable us to be more efficient, competitive, and maintain our unique position as the sole manufacturer of climbing hardware in the UK.

t +44 (0) 1286 873 569

e sales@helixoperations.com

Zodiac Milpro


Since 1896, Zodiac Milpro has been designing innovative products in the Military and Professional field for “those who work on the water”.

Zodiac Milpro has originated most of the major concepts that have driven the development of the modern inflatable boat since the 1930s. Since those early days, Zodiac Milpro has become the main manufacturer of inflatable and semi-rigid boats for Professional and Military applications.

As a French stand-alone group headquartered in Paris, Zodiac Milpro has more than 100 years of technical heritage and sets the standards for military and professional inflatable and semi-rigid craft.

Zodiac Milpro is proud to continuously develop specific designs and engineering solutions for its customers, offering:

  • The largest range of inflatable and semi-rigid boats in the market,
  • A complete after sales service program and life cycle logistics support,
  • A worldwide network of approved service sites, distributors and agents,
  • Regular factory inspection and demonstrations,
  • Operational training for maintenance and repairs, either in-house or on site.

t +44 (0) 1554 882 007 / +44 (0) 7736 618 919

e tom.parry@zodiacmilpro.com

WRS International


WRS International is a joint venture with Lawrence Harris, Director of Water Rescue Systems in the UK and Wouter and Patsy Verplancke the Belgium owners of Condor Safety BV. The new team will drive forward the WRS range of rescue inflatables and accessories along with the creation of further PPE products for the rescue market.

The new company keeps the well-placed UK showroom and service centre in Kendal Cumbria with Lawrence focused on product development and UK sales. On the other side of the channel a modern showroom, conference facility and distribution centre in Menen, Belgium lead by Patsy while Wouter focuses on European Sales. The new WRS team are focused on driving forward world class products and services to the Emergency and Rescue Sector.

An exciting year to come for the developing business, with a growing family of dealers, pro users and end users. WRS International has streamed lined its product offering and built a solid wholesale opportunity and looking for dealers from around the world.

WRS – Service and Repairs

At WRS we offer a full inflatable boat service facility at our dedicated workshop.

Focused on the repair and maintenance of our high quality inflatables, here you can request a repair or warranty request for WRS products.

Please contact us for details on spare parts and our repairs services.

t +44 (0) 1524 220 224

e contact@wrsinternational.com

Ruth Lee


Ruth Lee Ltd is the market leader in the design and manufacture of tough and durable rescue manikins.

From our base in North Wales, we have been developing a range of training manikins for different customers and different scenarios for more than a quarter of a century. As a family business, we are customer focused and dedicated to making the best possible manikins to support those who save lives.

Currently employing around 30 people, Ruth Lee Ltd is a rapidly expanding business as teams around the world look to improve the standards of their training and ultimately, gain skills which will help them to perform their job to the best of their abilities.

In the last three years we have grown considerably, and we currently export around 70% of our production internationally. We sell manikins to more than 60 countries through a network of distributors across the globe, who are equally dedicated to providing manikins which help teams to create realistic and effective training.

The Fire and Rescue Service has traditionally been our biggest customer and is where we started out, but increasingly we also provide manikins to the other emergency services including the Coastguard and search and rescue teams and many manikins are sold to the Military each year. Our other customers are many and varied – from TV and Film Production companies and Universities to mountain rescue teams, lifeguards, and Hospitals. Essentially, in any scenario you may need to simulate a person, our manikins are the perfect choice!

From a 5kg baby to a 260kg bariatric adult, and everything in between, our range includes models for technical rescue, working at height, confined spaces and water rescue, so you are sure to find the perfect training partner. We work with experts in these industries to make sure our manikins meet the requirements of your specific training.

t +44 (0 ) 1490 413 282

e mail@ruthlee.co.uk

Reach and Rescue


Reach and Rescue develop innovative, long-reach, telescopic water rescue poles and equipment that are saving lives in 48 countries worldwide. Our products enable emergency services, search and rescue teams and the public to conduct swift, directionally accurate rescues by retrieving casualties from safe distances –minimising the danger posed to themselves whilst also boosting casualty survival chances. To date, our long-reach telescopic rescue poles have prevented the deaths of more than 50 people during potentially life-threatening situations.

Why choose telescopic poles to rescue?

The Reach and Rescue Telescopic Rescue Poles are a range of specialist, super long telescopic rescue poles and water safety equipment that make distant casualty retrieval much safer for today’s rescuers.

All Reach and Rescue Poles Give You

  • Improved Operator Safety.
  • Up to 60ft Rescue Radius.
  • Accurate Deployment.
  • Faster Retrieval.
  • Simplicity of Operation.
  • Huge Capability.
  • Feet on the ground. No need to enter the water.
  • Poles extend to 60ft length.
  • Poles not affected adversely by wind or current.
  • Extending and collapsing of poles is very quick.
  • Easy concept. Minimal training.
  • Many different pole and rescue tools to choose.


t +44 (0) 3301 595 088

e jo@reachandrescue.com

R3 SAR Gear


Since its inception in 2013, R3 Safety and Rescue has evolved as one of the UK’s leading technical rescue training providers and as such, has hands-on experience and understanding of the comprehensive range of products we recommend and sell through R3 SAR GEAR.

R3 SAR GEAR was established in 2015 in response to a growing demand from our client base to provide a specialised and bespoke service in the supply of technical rescue, safety equipment and clothing for individuals and organisations involved in water, flood and rope rescue, working at height and confined space rescue.

Look no further…
The products we endorse and supply are superior, technically sophisticated and selected for their quality and performance. They have been tried and tested by our instructors, course delegates and clients and our knowledge and expertise ensures customers purchase the correct equipment for their operational requirements at a competitive price.

Located in the beautiful Dee Valley, just outside Llangollen in North Wales, R3 SAR GEAR are the UK and Ireland distributors for Rock Exotica technical equipment, WWTc throwbags and thwart bags as well as agents for WRS rafts and rescue sleds.

For further details please check out our extensive product range on our website or contact us for a free, no obligation quotation.

Have a technical question?
Please drop us an e-mail outlining the nature of your enquiry. We will endeavour to provide you with the answers you are looking for as soon as possible.

t +44 (0) 1978 280 252

e sales@r3sargear.com

Helix Operations


A Complete Technical Advantage
Helix Operations Limited provides a complete capability for vertical access and rescue in mountain and remote environments.
We are based in the mountains of North Wales and have a heritage of over 30 years in supplying tactical climbing solutions to end users. Over that time, we have worked with and become a main supplier of tactical climbing equipment to the UK MOD and have provided equipment and systems to many other NATO friendly forces.
The capability offered by our close relationship with DMM has been extended by partnering with manufacturers such as Petzl, CMC, Rock Exotica, Ferno, MedSled and Harken to offer complete solutions for working effectively in a mountainous environment.

Technical Knowledge
Helix Operations provides rescue solutions, equipment, systems and training to enable operators to work with speed, ease, and safety when accessing objectives in mountainous environments.
We have been closely involved with developing climbing systems for over 30 years and have used this experience to work with units to modify and develop climbing systems for the rescue environment.
We co-operate closely with teams to develop equipment and systems that minimise weight and maximise efficiency.
We can help teams to build bespoke systems that will allow them to climb, rig, ascend, descend and haul on steep terrain.
We work with brands that all have a history of innovation and a reputation for producing class leading products.
Helix Operations work in close co-operation with our clients and our partners to develop products and systems that meet our clients’ operational requirements.
Our team has a significant number of years’ experience operating in both civilian and Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Teams both on rescues and delivering training. A number of our Rescue 3 accredited trainers are active rescue team members.

t +44 (0) 1286 873 569

e sales@helixoperations.com

Cardiff International White Water


Cardiff International White Water is a state of the art training facility offering course hire to emergency services and agencies.

With multiple flow options, car in water options, strainer set ups and weir configurations, there is something for everyone’s training needs.

t +44 (0 )29 2082 9970

e rescue@ciww.com

Concept Smoke


Whether you need high temperature oil based smoke machines for hot fire training applications, or water based smoke generators for security, leak testing or air visualisation Concept Smoke can help you.

Non toxic smoke, portable smoke systems, fixed smoke installations and design and build expertise all come as standard at Concept Smoke Systems. If you have a need for a smoke machine, aerosol generator, smoke generator or fog machine just talk to us!

t +44 (0) 1628 825 555

e info@conceptsmoke.com



Aquatek has been successfully supplying the emergency services since 1988. As dedicated dry-suit manufacturers we specialise in meeting your individual and custom requirements, and strive to ensure that our suits not only meet, but exceed the demands placed on them.

With a wide range of dry suits for Fire, Police and Rescue units available, we also offer a specialised customisation option, so that our suits can be tailored to fit your needs exactly.

Our customers range from individual divers to national teams of rescue professionals. They know they can depend on us for three main reasons:

  • Quality
    All of our suits are manufactured by hand to a very high specification, with the strictest quality control
  • Value for Money
    Competitive pricing means you get great performance for your money
  • Reliability
    Our products will keep going long after others have given up

AquaTek has long been the №1 choice for the rescue services and divers, and with our strong ties within the services, our suits have developed a reputation for strength, durability, attention to detail and high quality workmanship.

Our close interaction with the rescue services and training centres has enabled us to constantly improve and evolve our specialist drysuits. All of our suits are manufactured by hand, with the strictest quality control, at our premises in North Wales.

We have a vast experience of the supply of drysuits and have supplied professional organisations including:

  • Fire Service
  • Rescue 3
  • Police
  • BBC Underwater Filming Unit
  • Environment Agency

t +44 (0) 1745 815 476

e info@aquatekdrysuits.co.uk



Established in April 2016, Shenzhen Hoverstar Flight Technology Co.,Ltd. is a national hi-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of water rescue and water sports products. With “Hover Technology, Star Ingenuity” as the company motto, it is the first Chinese high-tech company to apply drone techniques to water rescue and sports equipment in the making of products of cutting-edge technology such as water rescue robots and underwater scooters.

Currently the company has emerged as a critical player in the industry of intelligent marine and water sports equipment.

t (86)-755-33138076

e info@hoverstar.com

IT Pro


We specialise in providing IT support services for small and micro businesses across North Wales & Shropshire.
Using a consultative approach, our team of IT experts work with customers to understand the needs of the business both now and in the future, listening to requirements before offering advice.

Our ethos is built upon providing our customers with a flexible and personal service and we will always go the extra mile to ensure our client’s productivity is maximised no matter what.

Whatever the size of the organisation, we understand that our customer’s IT is critical and as a business, we aim to concentrate on technical excellence so that our customers can focus on running their core business functions with confidence.

We provide managed IT services and IT support to businesses in Wrexham, Oswestry, Corwen, Ruthin, Mold and North Wales and surrounding areas. Simply put, we look after all your IT, from PC’s & applications to servers, data, online security, broadband, WIFI and networks. We want to provide you with a fully managed IT solution so that you can focus on running your business.

t +44 (0) 1978 869 182

e office@itprosupport.co.uk



Linguassist, offers a fast and accurate service for all your language requirements. Whether your requirement is for interpreting, document translation, Voiceovers, transcription or website translation, our translators have experience in working in a variety of fields, from HM Government Service, Social Services, Legal Services and Charities.

At Linguassist we understand the need for accurate and professional translation, that is why all of our translators are highly qualified and are members of organisations like the Institute of Linguists (IOL) or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) or their National equivalents. All of our interpreters are on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI) or are registered with the Association of Police and Court Interpreters (APCI).

t 01978 862 855

e enquiries@linguassist.co.uk



Saving lives for a living

Established in 2000, Safequip is recognised as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of water rescue PPE and equipment, with a reputation for “Serious Products for Serious Users”.

To enhance our brand profile we have introduced a NEW Safequip product brand, IONIC, representing Innovation by Design. The new IONIC brand with its distinctive logo will become more visible on our products, giving them a fresh desirable appeal.

Through constant innovation and product development, we have recorded a number of Industry First’s which include: First to launch a dedicated Rescue PFD with integrated Crotch Straps certified to ISO: 12402; First to launch the hugely successful “Flood Suit” used by many rescue organisations; First to introduce a dedicated quick release water operations safety boot; First to supply telescopic wading poles and first to design and supply specially designed emergency services inflatable lifejackets.
Our professional users work in environments where the reliability and durability of their equipment is critical to their safety and the safety of others. Industrial marine workers, the Coast Guard, Public Safety Professionals such as Police Officers, Firefighters, and Water Rescue Teams – we are “Trusted by the Best”.

At Safequip we create solutions catered to their specific requirements, our company ethos is that rescue personnel deserve only the best equipment that delivers optimal performance time after time while they are doing what they do best – saving lives.

Alongside our own “IONIC” branded water rescue products, we also represent a number of premium brands which include: Streamlight Lighting, Petzl, Kask Helmets, Petrogen Hot Cutting Systems, Edelrid and Team Wendy Helmets. We also have a wide network of additional suppliers which provide us with a range of complimentary products, allowing us to provide a “One Stop Shop” option as well as providing both servicing and product support throughout the working lifespan of the products we supply.

We offer more than just products – we provide trusted, reliable and comprehensive solutions that are among the most innovative in the industry. Many are researched, designed, tested and manufactured right where they are conceived. We are proud to be one of a very few companies in the industry that controls the entire product cycle, from initial research and product prototype design, to product testing, final production and quality assurance.

Safequip has an excellent track record in the industry and is a company that you can trust.

t +44 (0) 1259 727 835

e sales@safequip.co.uk

Ar Graff Cymru


Ar Graff Cymru Cyf are leading providers of office equipment and IT sales, hire, service and support across North and Mid Wales. Ar Graff Cymru’s renowned reputation is unrivalled thanks to their experience and expertise in being the appointed dealers for an extensive range of world-leading brands. From simple printing tasks to multifunctional product and document management, the reliability and experience of the organisation mean customers know their needs are answered by the best in the business.

Ar Graff Cymru’s expert, friendly and committed team pride themselves on learning and understanding the needs of their clients and work with them to deliver the greatest possible value every time.

They offer a range of multi-functional mono and colour digital systems characterised by reliability, high productivity, and reduced maintenance cost. The organisation is committed to supporting the customers in managing their printing and copying needs efficiently, experience performance-enhancing products and achieve greater cost savings.

Ar Graff Cymru’s friendly, committed and experienced local team take the time to get to know each business, ensuring they deliver the greatest possible value. The team help organisations, of all sizes, get the most out of their business solutions and guarantee that their products and services are a valued asset for their clients. So whether you’re a business, local authority, charity or anything in between, you can have no doubt in the guarantee that Ar Graff Cymru will transform your office equipment and IT needs.

Ar Graff Cymru has worked tirelessly to ensure their support and maintenance services are unmatched in the industry. From the initial conversations to the after-sale support service, Ar Graff Cymru provide the very best products, services and customer service experience with a proud local touch!

t +44 (0) 1286 660 974

e sales@argraffcymru.com