Basic Water Rescuer (BWR)

The Basic Water Rescuer - Foundation course is designed for personnel who may be deployed to a basic (still) water environment, such as lakes, ponds and canals, where they may be required to undertake simple rescues using basic equipment. For using more equipment-intensive elements, including rescue platforms, sleds and boards, students should undertake the Basic Water Rescuer (BWR) course.

Contact hours

6 hours (1 days)


  • Must be a confident swimmer
  • Minimum age: 18


Course standard

Rescue 3 Europe BWR-F standard (PDF)

The course standards are provided as pre- and post-course reference for people involved in the delivery of Rescue 3 courses (eg Rescue 3 training providers, instructors and students). They are not to be used for any other purpose without the express written permission of Rescue 3 Europe.

Learning outcomes and key teaching points for instructors

Rescue 3 Europe BWR-F learning outcomes and key teaching points for instructors (PDF)

Qualification valid for:

3 years


 Taught by:


Student manual PDF download:

 BWR-F manual - English (en)