The Rescue 3 Europe Water Rescue Field Guide is available to buy. The 4th edition, new for 2018, improves upon what was formerly known as the Technician Field Guide.

Designed for water rescuers, it is printed in a handy pocket size, on high quality, water-resistant and tear-resistant paper - perfect for outdoor use. It fits nicely in most rescue buoyancy aid pockets.

Now available in English, French and German editions.

Also available in this series are the Rescue Boat Field Guide and The Water and Flood Incident Manager Handbook.


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Water Rescue Field Guide contents


Operational Guide contents

Hand signals   Rescue 3 philosophy
Hand signals from a boat   Rescue priorities
Whistle signals   Stages of a rescue
Night operations   Incident size-up
Rescue scene zoning   Team briefing model
Personal protective equipment   TEMPOE
Quick-release chest harnesses   Rescue team roles 
Rescue team colour syste   Incident control and communications
Flowing water hydrology   ATMIST patient handover tool
Speed and force of water   Rescue or recovery?
Channel profiles and water speed   Incident management
Recirculation hazards   Working in floods
Weir rescue difficulty   Information sources
Shallow water techniques   Search considerations
True and conditional rescues   Weir assessment
Knots and hitches   Notes
Single point anchors   Drawings
Single point vs multi-point anchors    
Multi-point anchors    
Using T method    
Mechanical advantage    
Ideal, theoretical and actual mechanical advantage    
Tensioned diagonal    
Rope types    
Four point boat tether    
Single point boat tether    
Boat on a highline    
English reeve    
Norwegian reeve    
Hose inflation - Long Beach method    
Hose inflation - simple drop    
Single bank technique    
Vehicle behaviour    
Vehicle stability – risks    
Six phases of managing a vehicle in water    
Anchor points    
Use of hydraulic tools in water    
Four realities of flooding    
Four phases of flooding    
Sources of flooding    
Flood hazards    
Flood warning codes    
Cold water immersion    
Post-immersion treatment    
Waterborne illnesses    
Contamination avoidance    
Casualty handling    
Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation    


ISBN-10: 0957053673

ISBN-13: 978-0957053670

This version replaces the previous editions (ISBNs 978-0957053601 and 978-0957053625)

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