Flood Operations for Vehicle Recovery Patrols (FOVRP)

Flood Operations for Vehicle Recovery Patrols


Course length:

3 days

Course content includes:

  • Water and flood dynamics and hazards
  • Flood theory
  • Medical considerations
  • Decontamination procedures
  • PPE
  • Basic rescue protocols
  • Defensive and aggressive swimming
  • Throwline rescues
  • Shallow water techniques
  • 'Live bait' rescues
  • Operating in/near water at night
  • Channel crossing techniques
  • Tension diagonal rope systems
  • Vehicles in flood water
  • Foot and body entrapments
  • Rescue scenarios
  • Knots, ropes and technical equipment
  • Anchor systems
  • Mechanical advantage systems
  • Belay systems


  • Must be a confident swimmer
  • Minimum age: 18

Qualification valid for:

3 years

Taught by:



Student manual PDF download:

FO manual - English (en) 

FO manual - French (fr) 

FO manual - German (de)

FO manual - Italian (it)

FO manual - Dutch (nl)



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