The Ice Rescue Field Guide is available to buy. Written by Ron Morrison of Raven Rescue (Rescue 3 training provider from Canada), this European edition is available to buy for the first time from 2019 from Rescue 3 Europe.

Designed for people operating on and performing rescues from ice, it is printed in a handy pocket size, on high quality, water-resistant and tear-resistant paper - perfect for outdoor use. It fits nicely in most rescue buoyancy aid pockets.

Also available in this series are the Water Rescue Field GuideRescue Boat Field Guide and The Water and Flood Incident Manager Handbook.


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Ice Rescue Field Guide
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Ice Rescue Field Guide
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Ice Rescue Field Guide
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Summary - Ice Rescue Field Guide

Ice Properties
Working on Ice
Rescue Basicss
Rescue Tactics
Systems Rigging
Medical Considerations


ISBN-10: 1916438016

ISBN-13: 978-1916438019

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