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Two in one

Now available for purchase, the Rescue Boat Field Guide and Operational Guide.

Developed by Rescue 3 Europe and printed in a handy pocket size on high quality, water-resistant and tear-resistant paper - perfect for outdoor use. It fits nicely in most rescue buoyancy aid pockets.


The ability to safely and competently operate boats within a flood and swiftwater environment can greatly increase a team’s capabilities during the location, access, stabilisation and transportation phases of a rescue.

Boats can provide a stable platform in a swiftwater environment, to both access and rescue victims. They can also cover a larger area in a shorter amount of time than a ground-based rescue team, in the search phase of a rescue.

They enable controlled/progressive access and enhance the Rescue 3 philosophies of L.A.S.T. and Self > Team > Victim.

This enhanced capability to access advanced river and flood environments with powered craft comes with increased risk to the crew, and requires additional control measures and training.

This field guide is intended as a quick field reference for inland flood rescue boat operations. Whilst elements of the IRPCS are covered within this guide, they are not comprehensively covered. Please refer to the full regulations if operating in an applicable environment.

This field guide is not a substitute for regular, high-quality training by a qualified Rescue 3 instructor.


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