Rope Operations & Rescue Training Courses

Rope rescue training from Rescue 3 Europe is based upon years of experience, robust testing, and the latest research. Our instructors haven't just read the book - very often, they wrote it! We ensure that instructors are kept up to date with the very latest techniques and principles.

We offer the appropriate level of courses in your operational environment, dealing with the challenges that emergency responders face on a daily basis. We offer rope rescue courses in both urban and wilderness environments, confined space training, and rope access courses for the full range of industrial and wind turbine settings.

 The SWAHHART course is designed for Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART) undertaking work at height. It meets the requirements of the UK’s National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU) TIS NH 07: Safe Working at Height.


Course length:

12 hours (2 days)


Course standard

Rescue 3 Europe SWAHHART standard (PDF)

The course standards are provided as pre- and post-course reference for people involved in the delivery of Rescue 3 courses (eg Rescue 3 training providers, instructors and students). They are not to be used for any other purpose without the express written permission of Rescue 3 Europe.

Learning outcomes and key teaching points for instructors

Rescue 3 Europe SWAHHART learning outcomes and key teaching points for instructors (PDF)


  • Minimum age: 18


Qualification valid for:

3 years


Taught by:


Student manual PDF download:

 SWAHHART manual - English (en) 

SWAHHART manual - Dutch (nl)


The Safe Working at Height and Co-Worker Rescue Field Guide is also available to buy.