Searching Rivers and Floods (SRF)

The Searching Rivers and Floods course is intended for agencies responding to water-based searches. It focuses on the development of in-water search operations and management appropriate to the flooded urban environment and river corridor searches. It also provides an insight into the overall search management process.


Course length:

4 days


Course content includes:

  • Search team safety
  • General hazards
  • Lost person behaviour
  • Incident management and command structure
  • Search asset capabilities
  • Suspending the search
  • Reflex tasking
  • Informant interviewing
  • Search team briefing
  • POA proportional consensus allocation
  • Coverage and POD determination
  • Resource allocation
  • Search effort documentation
  • Navigation
  • Orientation with conventional maps
  • Electronic mapping
  • GPS tracking
  • Average mean detection range (AMDR) determination
  • Clue awareness
  • Hasty searching
  • Searching in water
  • Searching water margins
  • Flooded urban searching considerations




Qualification valid for

3 years


Taught by: