We design and accredit state of the art safety & technical rescue training courses

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Rescue 3 Europe is an international accrediting body, for state of the art technical rescue courses. We develop training courses used by organisations and individuals operating in high risk environments.

For over four decades, Rescue 3 has set the standard for technical rescue training, offering accreditation, guidance and support for maintaining best practice. We offer a full accreditation framework for the people, training providers and organisations that deliver and use these courses. Our course learning outcomes and training standards cover the full range of student courses, instructor courses and train the trainer courses, across a range of disciplines, including water, rope, boat, confined space and ice safety and rescue.

Student Training Courses

Rescue 3 qualifications are recognised globally as the go-to standard for technical rescue and safety training, whether that be awareness-level training, safe working near and in hazardous environments, or complex rescues in the highest risk areas.

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Become a Training Provider

How do I become a Rescue 3 Training Provider? All Rescue 3 courses are delivered by a Rescue 3-qualified instructor, delivering for a Rescue 3 training provider. There are over 1,000 Rescue 3 certified instructors throughout Europe, delivering courses for over…

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Instructor Training Courses

Rescue 3 Instructors have long been considered some of the best in the industry and the Rescue 3 Instructor qualification is used as a sign of professionalism and quality wherever rescue courses are run throughout the world.

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