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Rescue 3 Europe develops state of the art technical rescue courses, providing internationally recognised accreditation for organisations and individuals operating in high risk environments.

As an international accrediting body, Rescue 3 provide up to date best practice guidance that is constantly evolving in line with new research and testing. All changes and developments of Rescue 3 courses go through a process of peer review and oversight by a steering committee made up of industry experts from all over the world.

Rescue 3 training providers deliver courses worldwide, in multiple disciplines, including: rope, water, boat, ice and confined space rescue. Our large suite of courses have been adopted by mountain rescue teams, wind turbine operators, fire and rescue services, ambulance teams, utilities providers, and military personnel. Within each discipline, Rescue 3 accredited courses cover every level of operations, whether this is at an awareness level, avoiding risks and applying simple safe systems of work; or at more advanced levels where practitioners must acquire high levels of personal skills and understanding to access and navigate difficult environments.

Our aim is to create a common language of rescue, that is used across agencies and disciplines. Both NFPA and DEFRA training levels align to Rescue 3 courses, creating consistent systems of work that improve interoperability.

For over four decades Rescue 3 has provided the standard for technical rescue training, offering guidance and support for maintaining best practice.

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