Whitewater Rescue Technician – Recreational

The WRT-REC course is for recreational paddlers who wish to have a rescue capability whilst paddling or in a whitewater environment with their peers, eg kayak club members, informal non-paying paddlers completing a river trip.


Course length:

12 hours (2 days)


Course content includes:

  • Rescue 3 philosophy
  • Training standards
  • River hydrology and hazards
  • Personal equipment
  • Technical and group equipment
  • Pre-trip planning
  • Risk assessments
  • Incident size-up
  • Incident management and site control
  • Medical considerations
  • Night/poor visibility considerations
  • Search considerations
  • Communications
  • Whitewater swimming techniques
  • Strainer swim
  • Conditional rescues – throwbags
  • Shallow water techniques
  • People and equipment entrapments
  • True/contact rescues - untethered
  • True/contact rescues - tethered
  • Line crossing methods
  • Diagonals/zip lines
  • Flips and capsizes
  • Boat wraps
  • Victim/casualty management
  • Knots and anchor systems
  • Vector pulls
  • Introduction to mechanical advantage



  • Confident swimmer, with experience of water-based activities (rafting, canoeing, canyoning, sea level traversing etc)
  • Minimum age: 18


Taught by:


Student manual PDF download:

WRT manual - English (en) 

 WRT manual - French (fr) 

WRT manual - German (de)

WRT manual - Italian (it)


To request the password, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., giving details of when and where you took your course.