Rope Rescue Operator (RRO)

The course introduces the rope knowledge and skills required by personnel to operate safely and effectively as a member of a Rope Rescue Operator team, undertaking rescues using the skills covered in the course. The techniques, equipment, and straightforward venues with limited environmental complexity, should be gold standard examples, providing a clear mental model of the best practice for operating as a rope rescue team. More advanced rescues, complexities and variations, are covered on the Rope Rescue Technician (RRT) and Rope Rescue Specialist (RRS) courses.

Course length:

5 days


  • Prior experience of working with ropes is recommended
  • Minimum age: 18

Course content includes

  • Rescue 3 philosophy
  • Training standards and legislation
  • Medical considerations
  • Personal equipment
  • Technical and team equipment
  • Pre-planning
  • Risk assessments
  • Incident size-up
  • Incident management and site control
  • Loads and forces
  • System safety checks
  • Communications
  • Knots
  • Anchor systems
  • Rope protection
  • Work restraint
  • Fall arrest
  • Mechanical advantage
  • Casualty care and packaging
  • Personal ascending and descending
  • Climbing over a 90 degree edge in ascent and descent
  • Individual pickoffs
  • Team-based pickoffs
  • Litter attending – low angle
  • Team-based raising and lowering systems
  • Litter attending – high angle
  • Fixed high directionals
  • Tagline offsets
  • Scenarios
  • Climbing with lanyards (if used by agency)
  • Temporary artificial anchor points (if used by agency)
  • Connecting a casualty on a line using a telescopic pole (if used by agency)
  • Lifting and lowering a casualty using a pre-installed device (if used by agency)
  • Artificial high directionals – tripods, quadpods (if used by agency)

Course standard, learning outcomes and key teaching points

Rescue 3 Europe course standards, learning outcomes and key teaching points

The course standards, learning outcomes and key teaching points are provided as pre- and post-course reference for people involved in the delivery of Rescue 3 courses (eg Rescue 3 training providers, instructors and students). They are not to be used for any other purpose without the express written permission of Rescue 3 Europe.

Qualification valid for:

3 years

Taught by:

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